Business Account As an independent distributor of batteries, chargers and battery related devices, Canadian battery store specialises in the distribution of primary and rechargeable batteries and chargers If you have been looking for a lucrative business opportunity, then here is your chance. Canadian battery store reseller program offers you a unique opportunity that will help you venture into the reseller business. So if you are looking for reliable high quality batteries products and services with competitive rates, innovative services, and flexibility, you have come to the right place at the right time! With extensive industry, market and supply chain experience, we are committed to: Providing a customer focused services Sourcing quality products worldwide Reducing customer costs via competitive pricing and other initiatives Building long term relationships with customers Advising customers on latest market trends ‘Design in’ support including expert technical backup Batteries Account is designed for any company or organisation that needs a credit account and can meet the specific criteria required. Our Account Customers typically need batteries for building into a product, serving existing equipment, or providing backup power. Register for a business account with Canadian battery store today and enjoy these great benefits! Fantastic price reductions on bulk orders. Fast track ordering. Tailored agreements for your commercial needs. First Priority on latest offers. 30 day payment terms. Your personal battery order History. Access to Batteries not currently displayed on the website. Additional Safety, Environmental and Technical information. Updates on Latest Technology from quality manufacturers. Direct access to a Battery Specialist. Bespoke Batteries manufactured to your specification. Recycling advice and compliance Who Can Benefit From Our Reseller Program: IT Support Companies Backup Power companies Renewable Energy companies Golf cart companies Motorcycle Dealers Mobility companies Scooter Dealers Security companies Auto Shops/Mechanics Car Dealers