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UNI-T UT51 Universal Digital Multimeter

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DC/AC voltage: 1000V/750V; DC/AC current: 10A; Resistance: 200MΩ;
Specifications of UT513B/UT513C 5kV Insulation Resistance Testers

Rated voltage UT513B UT513C
250V <0.25MΩ: reference only <0.25MΩ: reference only 0.25MΩ~2.49GΩ: ±5%+5) 0.25MΩ~4.99GΩ: ±(5%+5) 2.50GΩ~24.9GΩ: ±(10%+10) 5.00GΩ~49.9GΩ: ±(10%+10) 25.0GΩ~100GΩ: reference only 50.0GΩ~250GΩ: reference only 500V <0.50MΩ: reference only <0.50MΩ: reference only 0.50MΩ~4.99GΩ: ±(5%+5) 0.50MΩ~4.99GΩ: ±(5%+5) 5.00GΩ~49.9GΩ: ±(10%+10) 5.00GΩ~99.9GΩ: ±(10%+10) 50.0GΩ~200GΩ: reference only 100GΩ~500GΩ: reference only 1000V <1.00MΩ: reference only <1.00MΩ: reference only 1.00MΩ~9.99GΩ: ±(5%+5) 1.00MΩ~9.99GΩ: ±(5%+5) 10.0GΩ~99.9GΩ: ±(10%+10) 10.0GΩ~199GΩ: ±(10%+10) 100GΩ~400GΩ: reference only 200GΩ~1.00TΩ: reference only 2500V <2.50MΩ: reference only <2.50MΩ: reference only 2.50MΩ~24.9GΩ: ±(5%+5) 2.50MΩ~24.9GΩ: ±(5%+5) 25.0GΩ~249GΩ: ±(15%+10) 25.0GΩ~499GΩ: ±(15%+10) 250GΩ~1.00TΩ: reference only 500GΩ~2.50TΩ: reference only 5000V <5.00MΩ: reference only <5.00MΩ: reference only 5.00MΩ~49.9GΩ: ±(5%+5) 5.00MΩ~49.9GΩ: ±(5%+5) 50.0GΩ~499GΩ: ±(15%+20) 50.0GΩ~999GΩ: ±(15%+20) 500GΩ~2.00TΩ: reference only 1.00TΩ~5.00TΩ: reference only Capacitance test NA 0.01uF~15.0uF Output voltage stepping voltage range Step by 10% of each range each time, and adjust the voltage range to 50%~120% of each range UT513B + UT513C: Display accuracy:±(10% read+10V) Output accuracy:+(0%~20%) 250V 250V, 275V, 300V 500V 250V, 300V, 350V, 400V, 450V, 500V, 550V, 600V 1000V 500V, 600V, 700V, 800V, 900V, 1000V, 1100V, 1200V 2500V 1250V, 1500V, 1750V, 2000V, 2250V, 2500V, 2750V, 3000V 5000V 2500V, 3000V, 3500V, 4000V, 4500V, 5000V DC voltage 30~1000VDC: ±(3%+5) AC voltage 30~750VAC(50Hz/60Hz): ±(3%+5) Current 0.01nA~3.5mA 0.01nA~5.0mA Short-circuit current about 3.5mA about 5.0mA Main features PI test √ √ DAR test √ √ Timing measurement √ √ Resistance Comparison √ √ Voltage step √ √ Voltage monitoring (of external object) Monitor the voltage of measured object and the discharge state after testing. If voltage is higher than 36V, it is forbidden to test for protecting the tester and the operator Timer testing Record testing time automatically. Timing range: 0s~99m and 59s Data storage 999 set 999 set USB interface (data transmission) √ √ Bluetooth APP N/A √ Low Battery indication √ √ Auto power off Around 15 minutes Around 15 minutes Overvoltage category CAT Ⅳ 600V CAT Ⅳ 600V Certificates CE & UKCA CE & UKCA General Characteristics Power supply 14.8V,5200mAh lithium battery Product Color Black+Red Product Weight About 1800g (including battery) Product Dimension 238 x 166 x 90.5mm(L*W*D) Package quantity 1pcs Package Size 415×155×370mm(L*W*D) Accessories User manual 1pcs; Test lead(red, black, green, 1 for each) 3pcs; USB cable 1pcs; Lithium battery charger 1pcs; Lithium battery pack 1pcs; Adapting charging stand(optional); Carrying strap 1pcs;

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 15.5 × 37 cm




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